Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mac is 0 for 2 today, not a good day

Serious setbacks today as I hit 2 major obstacles to what I thought I could do with my new Mac setup.

1) I have half a dozen different ways to play videos of various sorts on my Mac, which you’ll recall is hooked up to my television.  Maybe for the kids to watch a show, maybe for me to have something on in the background besides Scrubs reruns.  But if I want to also get work done on the machine in a graphic way, how can I do that?  I’m told that if I had two physical monitors attached to the Mac it is easy to set up a video playing application full screen in one of them, and work in the other.  But in VNC/screen sharing world it appears that whatever the television connected screen is doing, I am also stuck doing in my VNC window.  So that means that while I’m working on the Mac, I don’t get to watch any of my cool videos.

2) Found out that Rhodes requires an ObjectiveC application called RhoRunner to work.  Only makes sense, it’s basically an interpreted environment.  I can live with that.  But the interpreter provides a browser-like toolbar that I don’t like, and if I want to change that… I have to learn XCode and Objective C.  :(  I might as well just write my apps in that anyway, then, no?   Problem – working the Interface Builder in Objective C apparently *requires* you to perform a “control mouse drag” event and you know what?  My VNC windows don’t want to generate that.  Not quite sure what the deal is with that, but it’s pretty well confirmed – I can go direct to keyboard on Mac and it works fine, but on none of my VNC clients can I get it to send a control drag sequence.


I can live without #1, although it is disappointing.  But living with #2 would pretty much mean that I can’t sit at the laptop and work on ObjectiveC code.  That would be a serious damper on my plans.

Anybody got any suggestions?  Know a way I can get around the control limitation?

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