Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mac Journal : Storage

I’ve had an external Terabyte drive kicking around for awhile, but could never get the hang of using it with the work laptop – the constant unplugging made it useless for things like iTunes storage.  But with a dedicated machine now, it only makes sense.

Almost immediately upon plugging it in to the Mini, Time Machine popped up and said “Oh, cool, I’ll use this then, shall I?”  Yeah – but it has to reformat it first.  This does not make me happy about the 75gig of stuff I’ve already got on there.

So I actually prune that down to about 40Gig, copy that to the Mini’s local drive, then format the Terabyte, just so I can now put it back :).

While I’m in there I move my iTunes library – a good 50Gig as well – to be served directly off the box.  I notice that Time Machine renamed the drive “Time Machine Backups”, I’m hoping that it doesn’t think I just devoted an entire Terabyte just for backups.  I want to use that for actual storage of videos and things, too.

Since I’d dusted off the Archive drive, I also told iPhoto to go to town on the thing.  Had fun looking at pictures of my first daughter’s birth, that I haven’t seen in 6 years.  I wish iPhoto had let me just say “Point my photo library to this other volume”, I could not find that option.  Oooo…..maybe I can softlink it?

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