Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mac Update : Building Apps

On the “family media center” front I invested $15 in an app called SofaCouch that puts the little mini remote on steroids, allowing it to control whatever applications you wish.  Now instead of dealing with the limitations of Front Row I can just have it launch iTunes for music, DVD Player for movies, and so on.  Perfect.

As my time frees up I can spend more of it working on app development.  I got the Rhodes kit running, which is basically Rails for iPhone development.  While I was able to get the code installed and the simulator running, I cannot seem to get a Hello World app running.  Not quite sure what I’m doing wrong, but if that is a roadblock for too long I will shift over to Phonegap, which is more of an HTML/Javascript solution (that has been called “Adobe AIR for iPhone”).  I just want to get something on the device of my own creation, that’s my primary goal right now.  Doesn’t have to be app-store worthy, I just want my own software on the device.

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