Friday, May 15, 2009

Mac Update : Setback

So last night while waiting for Grey’s Anatomy to start, I tried to show how nonchalantly I could now just flip to our video jukebox, and in this case play an episode of Fawlty Towers, which I just discovered my wife loves. 

My whole iTunes directory was gone.  That’s not cool.

Thinking back, I had cold rebooted the thing earlier that morning because it hung on me for something, and this was the first time using it since then.  I’d also moved my iTunes directory onto my external drive.  Obviously something was amiss.

All my files still existed, luckily.  But for some reason iTunes had failed to remember that I’d moved the directory, instead apparently choosing to recreate itself an empty directory in the usual spot.  Worse, no amount of saying “It’s over HERE, darnit!” could make it work.  So I ended up importing all my stuff over again, a process that took way more time than it would have taken to watch the show. 

Spent the rest of the night flipping through iPhoto directories and deleting everything that got swept up in the tidal wave, like all the ancient Thumbnail directories, icons from various software installs, etc…  how annoying.  One of these days I’ll get to do some coding.

On that note, I did actually sign up for the developer program, so I’m committing myself to making something happen.  Note – Apple seems to offer a deal where for $99 you can either register as yourself (an individual), or a company name.  Who would not choose company name?  Sounds much more professional.  But then the next page says “Yes, we will expect you to provide documentation that you have the official right to this name” like incorporation papers, etc…  Which I of course did not have, so I stuck with little old individual me.

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steveo said...

I think that is a more general problem for any music app that needs to import or otherwise keeps a database of songs. I don't understand why so many apps go down this road. I have had the best luck with the apps that let me open a single song, a directory, or a playlist. The only features that I have to give up is meta data about the music such as the number of times played and such. But when I think about it, there is no reason that the player couldn't keep track of this by song title and you'd get the best of both worlds.