Wednesday, June 03, 2009

iPhone Programming Update

Ok, good progress lately.

* I think I’ve finally gotten a handle on the “Watch videos on the thing using the television and remote control, while simultaneously being VNCd in and writing code.”   Get yourself a VNC server running on a non-standard port.  Login as your programming user.  Now, with fast user switching, switch to the login screen.  On your television, switch to your video-watching user.  On your laptop, VNC in as a client to your non-standard port (the default port would be the currently-logged-in user, you see).  Working like a charm for me.

* Have gotten a good amount of Objective C written, compiled and running on the simulator – including an RSS reader, and a Sqlite3-backed todo list (still working on that one).  I do not love the language, but I guess I’ll have to get used to it.

For the curious, I found the I Code Blog tutorials the best ones out there.  Perfect combination of baby step projects (that build into larger ones), clear instructions written out “Select File, New, New UIViewController…”, screenshots, as well as an actual description of what code you just wrote and why you need it.  Interesting choice, he puts all the source code in images, rather than text.  I assume this is to avoid cutting and pasting and having people steal it, but I find an added benefit – typing in the actual code gets it in your brain better.  You begin to feel the syntax of the language, the frequency of certain terms, and so on.  Also, you will no doubt make a few typo mistakes, that you will have to go find, causing you to look at the code again, a different way.

I figure by the beginning of next week I’ll be through the tutorials and able to start writing actual code of my own.  That oughtta be interesting…

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