Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Type Type Revolution?

So, anybody know how to hack a “dance mat”?  I’ve  seen a bunch of games with this type of input device where you jump up and down on it – my kids even had a simple little “Strawberry Shortcake And Friends Dance Party” one if I recall.

Take one of those and build a game up around it where instead of dancing to music, you’re typing like you would on a cell phone. 

Improve your spelling, your accuracy…your appreciation of classic literature.  A game could be made out of it, where you have to answer questions but instead of jumping to A-D you have to spell out the answer.

I would totally buy that.  Somebody, if they haven’t already, needs to make a generic “dance mat” controller for Wii or something (balance board does not count!) that games can be written to.  Or maybe even a USB one so you can use it on the PC?

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