Friday, May 21, 2010

Verizon DVR Hack : Deleting Multiple Episodes

If you've got Verizon DVR and you're like me, particularly if you've got the home media option for sharing between boxes, you'll often get 5 or so episodes of a tv show that you've watched but haven't deleted (because you watch them on other tv's where you can't delete).  And perhaps you've noticed a rather annoying issue with this where, once you're down to one episode, what happens is that it'll suddenly kick you back to the list of programs (because now there's no longer a folder for that show) and, because that episode is a few days/weeks old, it's buried at the bottom and you have to go find it.

Know what I'm talking about?  You go into the Grey's Anatomy folder, and delete one.  This is already complicated enough because for Verizon you need to hit like 4 buttons - Right arrow to get into folder, then Enter to select episode, then Down two times (or three, if you're half way through the program and have "Resume Play" option) to get to Delete, and then down for Yes, then enter.  That's alot of keystrokes.  So you have to do that for N shows.  And when there's that last show left, suddenly you have to do even more because now you have to scroll through your shows to go find where in time that last one is hiding.

Ok, enough of that, want to know the trick?  Skip the most recent episode.  Instead of deleting them top down, move to the second most recent one, and then delete them all.  What will happen when you only have the one most recent one left, it'll kick you back to the top level -- but look at that, your cursor is still sitting on the show you want.  Delete.

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