Thursday, May 26, 2011

How'd You Get Your Job?

In my day job I'm tasked with building a job board. What that means is still pretty open.  Never one to just copy what the other guys are doing, I've been on a research kick.

So tell me.  How'd you get your job?  Job board?  If so, which one (if you remember)?  Or was it more about the connections, the who-you-know?  Right place, right time?  Newspaper ad?  Something else altogether?

I'm interesting in all kinds of input from all angles, regardless of what sort of job you have. If people are using job boards I want to understand what the most important features are. If they're not, I want to figure out if there's something I can build into one that will make them useful again.

I'll start - my last two jobs came when a former coworker said "Come work for/with me."  In both cases I knew and trusted the coworker and made the move.  Prior to that I had a trusted recruiter that I'd used on multiple occasions.

Who's next?