Thursday, May 26, 2011

How'd You Get Your Job?

In my day job I'm tasked with building a job board. What that means is still pretty open.  Never one to just copy what the other guys are doing, I've been on a research kick.

So tell me.  How'd you get your job?  Job board?  If so, which one (if you remember)?  Or was it more about the connections, the who-you-know?  Right place, right time?  Newspaper ad?  Something else altogether?

I'm interesting in all kinds of input from all angles, regardless of what sort of job you have. If people are using job boards I want to understand what the most important features are. If they're not, I want to figure out if there's something I can build into one that will make them useful again.

I'll start - my last two jobs came when a former coworker said "Come work for/with me."  In both cases I knew and trusted the coworker and made the move.  Prior to that I had a trusted recruiter that I'd used on multiple occasions.

Who's next?


Elizabeth R said...

Current job - I believe I originally found it through an e-mail list for jobs run by my grad school. (Then I was promoted from within into my current position).

Before that, there was my mom telling me her workplace was hiring; the newspaper (yes, really); just knowing that a place was probably hiring; and uh... I think that's all the methods.

I'm a user of job boards, but I've never actually gotten hired for a job that I found through a job board. I've only been searching them for the past year and a half or so. said...

Was looking for work from home jobs, came across a job which sounded interesting near my home with a start-up. A year later I was hired permanently, 8 years later I am working for a successful corporation in a totally different career.

Have made lots of connections and friends along the way.

Matt said...

Let's see...

First job out of college, I did odd web dev contract jobs and impressed the executive director. But it took a year before being hired full time. I also did a free internship for them while in college. A lot of networking to get my foot in the door.

Second job was via a job board, Posted my resume and received an email to interview. I liked how it was local and being used by employers. I'd generally not trust blindly posting my resume, though. I'm more motivated than that and would rather work the other way by being proactive.

Third job was via I did some serious searching and had some interest from a few companies. I tailored my resume to the positions I applied for. I'd use them again over any other. Vertical job searching is here to stay. Location radius search is a must.

Fourth job was via a staffing recruiter getting in touch with me via LinkedIn. I'm contracting right now because of it and soon hope to be hired on full time.

The two hardest things in creating a job board are:

* Having a large enough marketplace and ensuring your job board is *the* place to go.

* Ensuring it's relevant with the right search tools. I don't want to search for web development and get a result for managing a Pizza Hut.

I think is *the* board to examine for success.

Angels said...

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