Friday, August 31, 2012

RubyMotion : Gems Are Not Being Compiled / Built / Included

I was working on the most basic of apps, really nothing complicated at all, and trying to include BubbleWrap.  But the first time I tried to use anything (in this case, Device.screen.width) I was getting a name error - as if BW was not included.

I had  require 'bubble-wrap' in my Rakefile. I'd done a gem install bubble-wrap.  That wasn't it.  What appeared to be happening was that over in build/iPhoneSimulator-5.1-Development/objs there should have been a /Users/dmorin/.rvm/... directory where my required gems were getting copied, and that directory didn't exist.

I double checked everything, I ran "rake clean", I could not for the life of me make it include that directory.  I even created a brand new empty motion directory and included bubble-wrap in it so that this was literally the single line change I made from default -- and it compiled.  Go figure.

Finally, I found it.  I had been modifying some sample code that I found online, and it was this line:

app.files = Dir.glob(File.join(app.project_dir,'app/lib/**/*.rb'))|

Dir.glob(File.join(app.project_dir, 'app/**/*.rb'))

I'd seen something like that trick before, and it seemed like something I understood - basically saying that you're going to put some common code into a /lib subdirectory, so compile that first in order to make it available to your primary code.

But that's not quite accurate.  I think there was a mistake in the code that I copied, because what this does is to make app.files *only* point the files in your app/ and app/lib directory - completing removing any gems from the filepath.  You can check this with rake config - performing this command on a brand new directory will return all of your gem paths (whether it's .rvm or not), but doing so in the directory where the above line is included in the Rakefile?  Shows all my app/ code, but no gems.

In my case it turns out I don't need that line at all, so I've removed it.  Soon as I did that, my gems were included.  If you do need to manipulate app.files and the way things are included, you'll want to append or otherwise manipulate the existing list, not just replace it with a plain old equals!

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