Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Copy And Paste Between Two Devices

If you're a developer, this has probably happened more than once. You're working on two devices that are physically right next to each other, yes? Maybe, like me, you've got your iPad next to your laptop.  And inevitably you find a link on your laptop that you want on your iPad.  Blah.  What's the fastest way to get it from one to the other?

Sure you could mail it to yourself, or drop it in DropBox, or even maybe type it directly into the secondary device.  All too much bother.

Run an instant messaging program of some sort on both devices (like AIM).  IM the message to an understanding friend.  Now go over to your secondary device and fire up the conversation.  Your message, link included, will be there.  

Totally hacky but it's the fastest way I've yet found!

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Adam Hulbert said...

http://pastebin.com/ works great for this purpose too!